Who We Work With

Our Clients

APO Accounting provides services to a wide variety of businesses and industries. Notwithstanding, we prime our professional specialties on three main types of clients.

Medical and Healthcare Practices

Calgary Medical Industry Accounting We specialize in providing professional accounting and bookkeeping services to Doctors, Dentists, physiotherapists, Pharmacist, Psychiatrists and other medical related professionals. The timeliness and accuracy of information required by these profession made it unique from others. Protection of private information and the associated legal consequences make it very important for medical practitioners to work with matured and experienced accountant that understands the medical field and industry.

Concentrate on the core values of helping your patients while you delegate accurate and timely bookkeeping and tax services’ responsibilities to APO Accounting.

Oil & Gas and Construction Accounting

Calgary Construction Industry Accounting Are you a contractor or self-employed? We specialize in providing accounting and tax services for oil and gas and construction workers. Whether you are a contractor or in the trades, APO Accounting can provide the unique tailor made services to meet your needs and industry requirements.

We also provide site visit services to construction workers who are extremely busy due to time sensitivity of their project completion period arising from inclement weather conditions in Calgary.

Small Business Owner Accountant

Calgary Small Business Accounting APO Accounting provides unique accounting and tax services that help small business owners (SBO) take care of their accounting tax requirements. Based on experience, the fine-line between personal and business expenses have always been an issue with SBO in CRA tax audit. APO Accounting can help you handle this while you do what you do best; growing and expanding your business.

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